Thursday, July 1, 2010

Team Legend Next Movie is...

The next Team Legend movie is the biggest project we ever work on! Yes Double Dragon! This project is so bad ass that we got a entire both on the next E3 2011. We can't say much about it but it will be beat'em up style and it will not be a pussyfied pg 13 version of one of the best vide game ever.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nemesis Animation

Its A legenday graduation Day and we kick off with one more part of the awesome Nemesis Team Legend Series.

Nemesis Animation Link

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Team Legend Awesome of the Day: "Lonely Man"

  1. One of the most viewed Team Legend Videos with over a 70,000 views on you tube. The lonely man is the debut of one of the greatest Legendary Legend Star of all time Felix Cuello (The Fukin Cat or Fukin Jake). Delivered by Luis Cuello (the Concerned Ghost or Macross Pilot or the Concerned Macross Pilot Ghost) Lonely Man is the most sensitive Team Legend work there is.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Team Legend's Awesome of the Day:" The Expendables"

Click on the poster to check behind the scenes

This is like dream come true to every kid in the 80's. Team Legend studios proudly announces a movie with the best cast ever!

Arnold Schwarzenegger_Fucking CONAN
Sylvester Stallone_____Fucking RAMBO
Mickey Rourke_______Fucking MARV
Jet Li______________Fucking Kungfu Guy
Dolph Lundgren______Fucking DRAGO
Danny Trejo_________Fucking MACHETE
Felix Cuello (rumored)__Fucking JAKE
Jason Statham____Fucking ENGLISH GUY
Randy Couture____Fucking MMA GUY
Terry Crews__Fucking BIG ASS BLACK GUY
Steve Austin__Fucking STEVE AUSTIN
The Nogueira Brothers_Fucking JIU-JITSU
Brittany Murphy____Fucking HOT CHICK

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Team Legend Awesome of the Day:"It is EPIC! It is JAKE'S REVENGE!"

After losing his girlfriend to a cocaine gang Jake prepares to fight against Dragon Skull. A montage sequence and wall braking cocaine overdose. Pure awesomeness in this epic movie that change the way that ass kicking was done. No more boring "Arty" gay ass movies. Fight scenes that is going to bash your brain out! From a legendary team of legends. Jake's Revenge Kick ass hard. The film of the year! is not for any type of viewer, you got to have a missing screw. Otherwise you're screwed! Epic ending! WARNING!!!: It is Bizarre! Let's scream at little kids and choke criminals out!

For the first Time EVER! The Director's Cut!



Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Team Legend Awesome of the Day: "Rockstar Games Steels Team Legends Idea"

Back in 2007 Team Legend produce the most badass movie gay movie ever! The movie was a parody of GTA the game. Now Rockstar Games is making a game based on Team Legends Gay Theft Auto. See it for yourself:

Click on the Picture to see Team Legends Gay Theft Auto Movie:

GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony is Originally Team Legend Idea.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Team Legend Awesome of the Day: "Bubbaloo Salmon with Wasabi Filling"

Originally cast by Team Legend for the role of Japanese High school girl, Harrison Ford was rejected by the Japanese Adams Bubblegum CEOs. The Japanese Businessmen refuse to pay the little amount of 100 million of dollars ask by the famous American actor. Out of the project, Mr. Ford wanted to stay and watch the shooting for the commercial. To test the safety of our actress we asked Mr. Ford to get slimed with the Wasabi filling. Til this day Harrison Ford is hoked on the Dreadful Japanese Salmon Flavored Bubblegum with Wasabi Filling.