Friday, June 5, 2009

Team Legend's Awesome of the Day:" The Expendables"

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This is like dream come true to every kid in the 80's. Team Legend studios proudly announces a movie with the best cast ever!

Arnold Schwarzenegger_Fucking CONAN
Sylvester Stallone_____Fucking RAMBO
Mickey Rourke_______Fucking MARV
Jet Li______________Fucking Kungfu Guy
Dolph Lundgren______Fucking DRAGO
Danny Trejo_________Fucking MACHETE
Felix Cuello (rumored)__Fucking JAKE
Jason Statham____Fucking ENGLISH GUY
Randy Couture____Fucking MMA GUY
Terry Crews__Fucking BIG ASS BLACK GUY
Steve Austin__Fucking STEVE AUSTIN
The Nogueira Brothers_Fucking JIU-JITSU
Brittany Murphy____Fucking HOT CHICK

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  1. So... this time I focused more on the characters, and try my best at "continuity". I am having a blast working with these characters. I feel like little by little I am learning how to draw them more "on model". I see you at Taafi! Thanks

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